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Oh, Hello!

I'm Bella, and I'm an illustrator.

It's nice to meet you :)


I live with my husband Amit

(and our dog Johnny too!)

in beautiful Haifa, Israel.

I love this city with all my heart.

The mountains, the sea, the wadi... It's just so inspiring, every day it fills me with joy. I could talk about Haifa forever, so let's just say she's gorgeous!

Growing up with an artist mom I've always been surrounded with colors, brushes and papers - so drawing came pretty much naturally to me. And so I studied visual communication at Shenkar College for Engineering and Design where I focused my studies on illustration -

and fell in love :)

l like to keep myself creatively open. I do mainly work on my computer or ipad, but I also love learning and working with different techniques and methods for different projects. Colored pencils, water colors, ink, gouache, pens, markers, brushes - as well as hand crafted methods such as sewing, rug hooking, screen printing and more :)

Sometimes I even paint on the walls!

2021-01-15 09.32.41.jpg

Haifa's beautiful view from Louis Promenade


A collaboration with EREZOO, Outline festival 2020

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-28 at 16.09.33 (3

I am also a proud member of a designers collective here in Haifa called SIRA! We are a group of friends, freelance designers and proud Haifa residents :)

You can read all about us HERE!

(In Hebrew, Arabic and English!) 

This was us once!

Other than drawing I really love growing plants (I even wrote and illustrated a book about it!) I also love interior design and I'm a huge Star Trek nerd (Yeah, that's right. And proud of it!)

So... Yeah, that's me!

(And that's Johnny over there!)

It was nice meeting you guys and gals! Live long and prosper ;)

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