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אני בסטודיו.jpeg

Oh, Hi everybody!

I'm Bella :)

My name is Bella Potchebutzky

(Bella Potchy for short) I am an illustrator and artist living in Beautiful Haifa, Israel.

I started my way illustrating for books and children's magazines, and I also published my very own illustrated indoor gardening guide (which became a best-seller so that was pretty cool!) I started an artist collective together with 5 other creators, I was able to collaborate and produce many cultural events, art fairs and exhibitions, giving myself and other local artists a platform and a chance to shine. 

These days I'm more focused on my art and my community, developing new projects (like a soon-to-be online store you guys! stay tuned...) and creating beautiful collaborations with other artists and designers. 

Outside my studio I basically live in coffee shops, but also home with my gentle-giant-dog Johnny. I love gardening, playing music and singing (mainly to myself, but also karaoke night is my night to shine) and I am somewhat of a Star Trek nerd. So... Yeah, that's me!

Nice to meet you guys!

Live long and prosper :)

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