Garden For Rent

An Indoor Gardening Guide

"Garden For Rent - An Indoor Gardening Guide" was born when I was a senior at Shenkar College of Engineering And Design. Each year at Shenkar, the senior students work on one final project at a bigger scale. If you know anything about me, you know I'm a crazy plant lady. So between my love for plants and my love for illustration it was pretty clear where I was going with my project. At the time, there weren't any books about indoor gardening in Israel at all. All I could find were old, unreadable, heavy, professional books for actual gardens - not for balconies or window seals. And so I set out to create the very book I felt was missing from Israeli book stores.

After graduation I sent a copy to Modan Publishing House and the rest is history :)

And so here it is! This friendly illustrated guide will help you learn to better care for your potted friends. It's written with both profession and whimsy, making indoor gardening simple and fun so that anyone can enjoy growing their own indoor garden.